Meet me in “The Glass Castle”

The Glass Castle, it really could be a symbol that connects to anyone's life. People build their reputations and lives in hopes that it'll be appealing to society; this is like your personal castle. However, if you are building your life to impress everyone else without caring for yourself, it's really just as breakable and... Continue Reading →


Little Bee has stung my heart…

“We cannot choose where to start and stop. Our stories are the tellers of us.” Backing away from my more political post from last week, I want to reach out to you all and tell you of a more lighthearted story... I have met this girl named Little Bee, yes as in "bumble bee". She... Continue Reading →

The Wednesday Letters by Jason F. Wright

Genre: Fiction, Christian Fiction, Domestic Fiction Pages: 280 (in paperback format) Publishing Date: 2007 Rating: 4/5 This week I am reviewing the book The Wednesday Letters by Jason F. Wright! This book was another good find at 2nd and Charles (which is my FAVORITE used book store). This book is centered around an elderly couple who... Continue Reading →

A History on the Writer: Paul Spickard

Paul Spickard is an American Historian and writer. He has written seven different non-fiction publications throughout his writing career, all centered around race and ethnicity (multiracialism in particular). These seven books are titled as followed: Almost All Aliens: Immigration, Race, and Colonialism in American History and Identity (which my previous post was written on); Japanese Americans: The Formation... Continue Reading →

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